The Christian Business Association

Supporting Christian Ministry One Day at a Time


The CBA currently only has a few members. In the near future, as more members join, this list will be developed into a searchable database based on location, type of business, and business name. The CBA will also publish a quarterly Member Catalog which describes the members and their services or type of goods sold. The Member Catalog will be available on the website as a PDF, as well as distributed electronically to a wide variety of people and businesses. As the CBA is advertised, Christians will be encouraged to spend their money in businesses who are members of the CBA, knowing that the business is managed based on Biblical principles and that a percentage of the profits is going back into ministry.

The current membership consists of:

The Galilee Fishing Company (Charter Member), an umbrella enterprise that has numerous divisions which are all part of the same company but which appear to be separate companies. They are: 

- Gifts for Glory (an online gift store) at,

- Jesus Fish Clothing (an online clothing store) at,

- Shield Safety and Security (an online store with personal safety and defense products) at,

- Mission Automotive (an online store selling Amsoil automotive products such as oil and lubricants) at,

and the

- Emergency Food Company (an online store for emergency food products you can purchase for yourself, or to be given to homeless and/or disaster relief operations) at

National Protective Services (Charter Member), is a full-service security company offering alarm services, security personnel, security consulting, and investigations in the greater San Antonio, TX area, at

The Mission

"Make as much as you can, save as much as you can, give as much as you can" - John Wesley