The Christian Business Association

Supporting Christian Ministry One Day at a Time


The primary benefit of being a member of the Christian Business Association is that your business becomes a part of something much great than just you or your business - your donations, gift-in-kind, and service help support the ministries of Tentmaker Ministries.

We are currently developing a list of other benefits which may be of value to you, however, these benefits are all secondary, as your donation is just that. Just as an individual church member can tithe to a church and it is a donation, so it is with your business donation to Tentmaker Ministries as a member of the Christian Business Association. 

The various tiers of association (Supporter, Associate Member, Member, and Charter Member) are only to identify a tier ranking so Christians are aware of how involved the business is in Christian ministry (specifically, Tentmaker Ministries). All members receive the exact same benefits, regardless of how much they donate to the organization. The minimum donation for a supporter is based on the expected cost for annual maintenance of the website, advertising, etc., on a per user basis. Any profit excess is directly used for ministerial purposes.

We are actively seeking other benefits for members. 

The Mission

"Make as much as you can, save as much as you can, give as much as you can" - John Wesley